The wildfires in California continue to spread devastation across the state. Several hundred horses at a San Diego County training facility have been some of the most recently displaced victims of the blaze.

Chaos ensued at a horse training center in San Diego County as workers frantically tried to save hundreds of horses by setting them free from their stables.

Eight stables normally containing nearly 500 horses at the San Luis Rey Downs Training Facility in Bonsall suddenly caught fire Thursday afternoon from the nearby Lilac Fire, driven by heavy Santa Ana winds that have wreaked havoc on Southern California this week.

Leo Tapia recorded a dramatic Facebook Live as he and others risked their lives to help release the horses from their stables. After being released, the confused horses can be seen stampeding around the grounds. The hope was to get all of the horses to the location’s racetrack, which contains no structures that could burn.

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