People interested in killing Burmese pythons in the wetlands of the Florida Everglades now have the opportunity to be paid, thanks to new plans from the state agency over the area.

An announcement was made on Thursday by the South Florida Water Management District concerning the plans. A 60-day pilot program will hire on 25 people with the aim to get rid of as many of the invasive species as possible in the Everglades.

Once the program kicks off on April 1, participants in the program will receive special access to areas heavily infested with pythons in Miami-Dade County. All qualified individuals will be paid minimum wage for up to eight hours each day. They’ll even receive $50 for every python they get, an additional $25 bonus for those over every measured foot over 4 feet and a bonus $100 for destroying python nests that have eggs.

Program enrollment started on Friday and can be applied for here.

Attempts at solving the python issue in South Florida have been made before, but due to how difficult they can be to get out of hiding, they haven’t been as successful as we need them to be. Hopefully this program will prove successful and be a step in the right direction to reclaiming the Everglades.

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